i wake
cold water rushing my swimmer's ear
stars illegible
weak wifi
check notes:
"essential transmission lost at sea"
some say the Wæves pulsate
as World Ages
coming going
plastics drift ashore
green Sprite® bottles
reinvented without the colour
deaf in one ear
where's the captain of this ship?
lieutenant commander
full metal jacket
cannot leave my buddies to bleed out on the battlefield

At twilight on the fifteenth of august 2O22, I found myself roaming hard drives. Compiling work for a portfolio with which I was to tell the world I wasn't built for retail alone. In my rummagings, I once again stumbled upon the behemoth that is The & Of It All. I read it once more, I went through the content once more. Per tradition overcome with awe. I believe still, there is no limit to what you can accomplish, Captain pirate. Happy birthday